Phase 2: Fogónes Mejorados; not even close to the end

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With my pilas behind me, I enthusiastically charged into the campo this week to implement phase 2 of my project. . . . and then Honduran work ethic got in the way.

Monday: Plan on leaving for the campo. Tito calls and says that fijese que he is busy until tomorrow.

Tuesday: Plan on leaving for the campo. Tito calls and says that fijese que he is busy until tomorrow.

Wednesday: Tito is not busy today. Travel early to La Entrada (dirty thru-town that is hot, dusty, and run by drug-lords) to withdraw money from our (me and Tito’s) joint saving account to buy more materials. Tito forgets the libreta for out account. After showing bank people 3 forms of my identity, they finally let us take out money. Walk to ferreteria to purchase materials and talk with Doña Gloria (the owner of the ferreteria) for a better part of an hour. Walk around La Entrada for the rest of the day so Tito can 1) open a new bank account 2) deposit money into another account at a different bank where I sat watching a flat -screen TV showing skiers in Chile for half an hour 3) buy sandals for his kids and Crocs for himself and 4) saunter into the TIGO cell phone store to look at the phones that Tito wants but can’t afford.  Travel back to his desvio in a busito. Wait 3 hours for a jalon that will take us back to his community. The walk only takes an hour. Arrive in time for dinner.

Thursday: Tito and I plan on building the first fogón with the town mason, Adelso. However, Tito expresses that he must first tend to his bees and change out honeycombs with his friend. His friend attempts to guess my weight and I become violently angry at his estimate. I tell him that Honduran men are not attractive.

Tito assures me that he will return at lunch so we can start the fogón. Read for half of the day in the sun, pick ticks off of my body, play with his 5-day-old baby goat, and harvest some radishes from his garden. Tito returns at 4:30. I eat some fresh honey then ask Tito to call Adelso to tell him we will start tomorrow. Adelso informs Tito that he has already finished his fogón because he knew Tito would be late. Walk over to Adelso’s house to see his beautiful fogón. Try to hide my frustration by taking it out on Adelso’s disobedient children in the form of wrestling.

I would insert a picture of the fogón here; however, my camera has since been robbed by a Honduran. Instead, I will insert a photo of the unruly children (Note: these pictures were from my last visit)

Friday: Tito informs me that the beneficiaries of the fogónes have not built their mesas (adobe tables) on which they will place their fogónes. However, says that Adelso will come over today to work on his own pila. I help 5 of Tito’s children carry river sand in sacos up a hill to his house. End up moving 200 paladitas (shovel-fulls) of sand. Adelso does not come over. Tito decides we should go fishing instead. Walk to his tilapia pond and fish with lead-weighted nets. Teaches me the correct “form” of net fishing: Place the left hand on the bottom of the net, right hand on the end string, and a lead-weight in your mouth, and toss like an umbrella into the pond. I inform him that lead in your mouth is not ideal for one’s health. He does not believe me. Eat fried fish for lunch and dinner, and wash it down with warm, sugary goat’s milk.

Saturday: Wake up at 6:30 to make sure I am awake when Adelso comes over to start the last pila. Realize I am the first one up. Adleso comes over at 7:30 and has to wake up Tito. Adelso proceeds to demo his existing pila while everyone watches. I screen river sand for most of the morning while people stare at the gringa working. Leave the community mid-day and walk to the desvio with Tito because he wants to pasear with the gente. Adelso works on the pila with the help of Tito’s children. Tell Tito to advance with the fogónes in the following  week while I take vacation in Guatemala.

This is what the fogones will look like:

Will update after Guatemala!


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Phase 1: Pilas. Ya Estuvo. What am I Doing? Well I’ll Show you!

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