World map casi done!

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As you can see in the pics I’ve posted, the World Map is almost done! After a grueling day of erasing pencil gridline with teeny tiny erasers, my sitemate Bryan and I came to the conclusion that we would have to finish next week. Question: If you were making a world map, would you want to put country names on it once you had finished? Bryan and I have been fighting over this for about a week. HE says that the names will make the map ugly, I say the names will make the map useful, no? Fortunately for me, some of our friends voted on it, 3-1 say the names go! Thanks Mo, Rachel and Harrison!

So you are probably wondering how I am writing this at 8 at night? No, I am not at the office (I’ve avoided that place all week due to my touchy feely counterpart. No he has not stopped his shenanigans). I’m in my apartment miraculously getting an unknown wireless signal. A blessing and a curse! I haven’t left the house except for a few quick errands in 2 days. I am ravenously searching the internet for delicious cookies recipes and christmas dinner ideas. I am also pathetically watching Muppet Chrismtas specials off of youtube in 5 parts (the internet isn’t too fast). December has been a slow month. The kids are out of school, joining the campesinos in the fields to cut coffee. It doesn’t help that folks are already starting their vacations for the christmas holiday. So, here I am, trying new baking recipes and reading book after book. Can’t complain, but all the alone time is making me miss family and friends.

What else? Oh yea, the elections went alright, maybe you have read on the 20th page of the newspaper. Word on the street is that the US, among other countries, is recognizing the outcome of the elections (booyah, maybe funding will start to come in again!) Zelaya (ex-president) is STILL in the Brazilian embassy, and the Honduran congress voted 11-14 NOT to reinstate him a president. I have a feeling he will be tried on some sort of charges, but who knows.Graffitii is sill pretty rampant around here too;  “fueron golpistas!” or “no vote!” scrawled in red of blue. People try to cover up the words with the same color paint, but it still looks pretty crappy after it’s covered up.

Still trying to make peace with the ladron that robbed my mom up in Tela. Also trying to overcome my fear of men down here, but it sure didn’t help when I was running on the track the other day and passed a man blatantly masturbating while watching me run. How messed up is that? And that was the second time!

So, like I said, I am keeping busy inside my apartment. My friend Rachel and I cut down some juniper branches and made myself a real wreath the other day so my apartment smells like a Christmas tree! Still not quite the same without snow. Hope all of you are enjoying that winter storm I’ve been reading about! In the meantime, remember that the holidays are NOT about presents (sorry I am getting all cheesy), but about family and friends and thanks and forgiveness (yea, I guess it IS  Jesus’s birthday too).


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