Bienvenida a Santa Rosa

May 26, 2009 at 5:21 pm 1 comment

Yes, I am still alive, despite the amoebas I had in my stomach this weekend. After 2 trips to the emergency room, I am finally able to eat again! Hooray! I think I took a wrong turn when I decided to eat repollo (cabbage) in an aldea last Thursday. It was out of courtesy that I ate it, because remember you can’t say no to food down here. Grave insult.

So the past 3 weeks have been a whirlwind. I left Pespire and the heat the 10th of May and returned back to my cool mountain town and humble family for one last week of administrative training. Everyone basically had a serious case of senioritis. The kids didn’t want to do anything and neither did the teachers. Lots of spanish movie watching was involved. It was a bitter sweet week because I was so happy to be back with my host family and see the rest of my friends, but also realized I was leaving soon to move to my permanent site.

Friday was pandemonium. We all piled into a yellow school bus and were shipped off to the US embassy to get sworn in as official volunteers! We were first dropped off at the PC office to meet our counterparts (working partners, if you will) for the next 2 years. A little overwhelming. We then were trucked off to the embassy for our official ceremony. It was pretty impressive. Got to meet the ambassador. I asked him to sign my forehead, but he declined (joke). I actually made it to the paper too, although I have yet to navigate the newspaper site. I’ll let you guys know. After the hooplah, we all returned back to the training site to have lunch and spend the day with our new counterparts. AWKWARD. Let’s just say my counterpart is a latino male engineer who is my age. You can guess what the first encounter was like. I have a battle ahead of me.

After a sad goodbye Friday night and Saturday morning, 6 of us (3 volunteers and 3 counterparts) piled into the cab of a pick up with all of our stuff in the back and headed out for our 7 hour journey to the west. The 2 other volunteers were heading further west than we were, so the were nice and decided to give us a jalon (ride) to Santa Rosa. I couldn’t imagine trying to carry all of my stuff on a  bus. I probably would have been robbed. So we got here safely, met my new family (the third!) and moved into my little room a-ok. My site is hands-down gorgeous. Green, cool, mountainous, cobblestone streets, I couldn’t have been assigned to a better place. I have 3 other PCVs living in site, as well as a ton in the surrounding towns and aldeas. Not to mention the coffee shops, pizza places, shows stores, the one movie theater. I feel like I am cheating! I should be barefoot with no running water, right? Santa Rosa I feel is like the Argentina of Honduras, a little more refined, a little more fresa than the rest of Honduras that I’ve seen. People go running at the track, everyone is dressed to the nines everyday. I’ll have to change my wardrobe. . .

So I am working with the Mancomunidad, which is comprised of of bunch of surrounding municipalites. They mostly work on small infrastructure projects such as schools, health centers, bridges, latrines, and water systems. I am currently working on my job descriptions an apparently nobody knows what that is. It is a difficult balance trying to remind people that I am working with them, not for them. Poco a poco. My first week was spent traveling over every hill and dale meeting the local jefes and mayors and getting to know the area a bit. The hillsides are inundated with coffee, bananas, pineapples, and smiling, hardworking people.  As well, my office is full of the kindest people you’ll ever meet, wanting to take me places, offering help, food, etc. I got calls all weekend when I was sick. I have to say I am pretty lucky. Now I sit and figure out what the hell I am supposed to be doing. I’ve been asking about potential projects/leads, but as usual, the details are sketchy and the rainy season just started. Not much gets done during the rainy season. Poco a poco everyone says. Vamos a ver.

In the meantime, I’ve managed to keep myself busy with my new site mates. I am helping coach a kid’s baseball team, ages 8 to 14, although the season is about to end. We practice twice a week and play tournaments with other PC league teams. The PC helps find local sponsors to help supports the teams and the equipment usually gets donated from the states. It’s a blast, but also a handful. I didn’t realize how unruly children with baseballs and bats can be. I hope I wasn’t like this on my softball teams.

And so I start week 2 of 2 years. Wish me luck. Oh, and I have a new address:

Kathryn Peters, PCV

Apartado Postal 1800

Santa Rosa de Copan, Copan

Honduras, Americal Central


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Only 3 pics, my internet is slow The earthquake that shook Honduras. . .

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  • 1. D.E. Peters  |  May 27, 2009 at 12:21 pm

    Beisbol!!! Te voy a mandar una pelota de futbol (soccer). La pelota tuya fue llevada a Victor por tu hermano, “el ladron” Esdras.

    Abrazos y besos,

    El gringo viejo


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