3 Weeks Left!

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So this past week was a little more low key that others, but I continued to enjoy myself nonetheless!.I am still working on this water system design, which has proven to be more difficult that I thought. Tuesday and Wednesday we visited two local potable water systems to inspect their condition. We walked the system up to the top (both were gravity fed) to visit the fuente (source). On the way back down, we also interviewed the Junta de Agua (water boards) and the locals to find out how the system works for them, how they treat it, and what could they improve. Now I know what I am up against.

Thursday we were trained in HIV/AIDS education, then gave a 4 hour charla to high school students Friday. Yes it was 4 hours long, but it went great! The kids were participated and seemed really enthusiastic, even though there were some awkward moments. Another tool I can put in my back pocket! I think we have one of the highest reported HIV/AIDS rates in Latin America and discrimination still is very prevalent.

I turned 26 this week. I will be 28 when I leave here. Holy hell. I might as well start collecting stray cats and bags down here, there are an abundance of them. My teachers and friends threw a surprise party for me on Tuesday night. We had the pleasure of watching Anchorman with Spanish subtitles at my party. I am turning everyone into Will Ferrell fanatics! Wednesday my mom woke me up at 5 am blasting Feliz Cumpleanos from the stereo. She was kind enough to give me a gift: a blouse with matching earrings . . . she also owns the same ones. “We can be twins!” she said. Hilarious! My family threw me and my friends a party that night complete with popcorn, arroz con pollo, sodas, cake, and reggae music (my host dad really enjoys Bob Marley). It was a great birthday. Thanks for the calls and emails! If you sent letters, thank you too, even though I will probably get them in June!

Soy una residente, una catracha (slang term for a Honduran)! It is official. All of us gringos got to spend yesterday at the office of immigration becoming “official”. What a great feeling. And we also had the pleasure of dining at the classy Pizza Hut (it is actually a sit down restaurant). I have never been so happy. I think I ate myself sick. It was also fun re-uniting with my friends from the business and health training group.
I am sad and excited to realize that I only have 3 weeks left in training. My friends and I are all really close, so it will be hard to leave. We are all anxiously awaiting our site announcements! We will find out a week from this Monday. Our boss is having fun being the puppeteer and teasing us with possible site locations. How mean. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the west!


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