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March 21, 2009 at 6:01 pm 1 comment

Honduras 5, Us o fA 2. No wonder US never makes it to the World Cup. This past Saturday, a bunch of us gringos got together to play a pick up game of futbol in a nearby town called Las Canadas. I guess word spread that we were on the field, so the boys of the town came to challenge us. To put it bluntly, we got our asses whooped. I mean, we did really put up a good fight, I think we played for an hour and a half. But our fastest player was the Hondurans slowest player. Hilarious, but a lot of fun! And, I of course, I have not played soccer since 9th grade, when I played indoor league to get out of going to church on Sunday (I had fun playing too)! I will probably have to invest in some cleats down here, as my sneakers are taking a beating.

Sunday, I traveled to the hot hot south, to a town called Nacaome for a volunteer visit, sort of like a sleep over for aspiring volunteers. My first time traveling alone in Honduras! So let me tell you a little bit about the bus system down here. There are about a million bus companies, and every friggin’ bus looks shady as hell. Many of the buses are recycled yellow school buses from the states, which proudly state on the front in flaming letters “Jehovah is my God” or “Thanks Jesus for Giving me life”. Many are also equipped with black lights and a sweet sound system, pumping either reggatone, Kenny Rogers, or Christian rock, depending on the driver (btw music/noise here is about 10 volume levels too high). Other busses appear to be leftover charter busses from the 80’s complete with the original curtains over the windows. But the amazing part is that my bus trip that took 2 and a half hours cost 2 bucks. Obviously this will differ, but Greyhound could take a lesson. And I digress . . .

So I made it south alright, although the one sad thing I must note in Honduras is the amount of litter/trash here is phenomenal. It is unbelievable how much is throw along the side of the road, and to see bus patrons chuck bottles and food cartons out the window is heartbreaking. I have asked my professors why this is happening. They say the public just isn’t educated enough and there are no recycling centers within the country. . . . I have a feeling this will be one of my projects here.

My volunteer was really awesome and laid back. She took me to my first Honduran rodeo. Holy crap, Texas move over. There are some serious cowboys here (with Texas belt buckles to boot). The toros here are a bit different, They have this hump behind it’s head, like camel, to store water. But they still are pretty mean.

Monday, we tagged alongside another volunteer doing a topographic study for a water system for a community of 200 people. It was quite inspiring to see the community involvement and enthusiasm. There area about 10 men complete with stakes, hammers, water, and machetes ready to clear the path. All of the women contributed by cooking us food. Very beautiful, if you ask me. I am still amazed and shocked by the poverty here. Another volunteer just finished a feasibility study for a pueblo that hasn’t had water for 10 years since Hurricane Mitch. The hurricane decimated their mountain village, and they had to move further up the mountain. But alas, there is no water source at that elevation. Not to mention the widespread corruption of politicians doing favors for towns with the most votes, leaving smaller towns behind, and and funding that magically disappears. . . . a whole other story.

I am back at my host family’s house, but I am leaving again the tomorrow for 7 weeks for field-based training. I am a bit sad to leave, I’ve become pretty close to my family. I will return for one more week at the end of training before I get sworn in.Today I will be teaching my abuela and my sister how to make chocolate chip cookies. It will be a nice crosscultural exchange in Spanish!

The other night, I helped my sister and my abuela make dinner. She said she was making “pastellitos”. She said “they are kind of like dumplings stuffed with potatoes, but you could stuff them with meat too You fry them in oil, and then put cabbage and salsa dulce (ketchup) on top. Putting the Spanish together in my head, it dawned on me what was goin’ dahn. . . “HOLY CRAP SHE’S MAKING HONDURAN PEROGIES N’AT!” My tears of joy flowed like the Mon’! I’ve never been so happy. Sure, it tasted a bit different. But if you’ve got something fried, with potatoes, with enough carbs to last you through the winter, cabbage, AND ketchup, it sure as shit from da ‘burgh. Go stillers


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Some Sweet Pics More pics I tried to add last week. . .

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  • 1. Adam P  |  April 12, 2009 at 2:26 am

    So did you and your mom and sister have a contest? Better not invite JR down there he will blow them out of the water…we all know he can put down 36 of those bad boys in about 35 minutes!


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