Snake on a Stick

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Hello friends and family! Here is another weekly update from Honduras. Well, as some of you know by now, I am also connected via cellular, so if you feel the need to call please do. No offense, but I was kinda enjoying not being connected. One less thing to worry about and carry around, right? Still the same old routine going on, going to class everyday, hanging out with the same 48 gringos.

However, this past Saturday there was a break in the monotony. I got to do some of my favorite things, namely eating and dancing. The professors put on a culture day and taught us about the many different cultures and peoples of Honduras. Pretty much all the food was made with corn, milk, coconut, or yucca. We then attempted to dance the Punta, the national dance here. It was amazing no one got terribly ill because we had all eaten for 3 hours straight.

The other night my mom and I walked through her father’s cabbage fields behind our house. I have included some pictures. In addition to cabbage, he grows bananas, coffee, large lemons, oranges, lettuce, corn, and fruit called ciruela (I like to describe it as a cross between a plum and a mango). I still haven’t eaten anything too bizarre. Some of my friends get cow tongue in their lunch and I am actually kind of jealous. Last Sunday, I got to make cookies and sweet bread at my friend’s house across the street. Her family owns their own bakery (my dream). We made cookies called “galletas de pina” and something else (the name I forgot already. For every 20 new Spanish words I learn each day, I am pretty sure I remember only 4 or 5). After visiting the panaderia, some friends and I walked to a small town calles Santa Lucia. It used to be a mining town back in the day and now there is a man-made lake in the middle. There is also an 18th century Catholic church in the town. Inside the church, there are old Spanish paintings on the wall given to Santa Lucia by King Felipe II in 1572 (Yes dad, this does prove that I actually did go inside the church). I bought some flowers for my mom, and walked back home.

This week in a nutshell was long, and busy and full of homework. They let us go to a market in Tegix to practice our bargaining skills in spanish. Very interesting. Because I end up talking to anyone, some guy tried to sell me a dried snake on a stick for 50 lempiras, about $2.50 (he said it was for my bones and joints). It was cool, but he kept following me around the market. I learned a lesson that day.

I am still going on strong with the rice and beans and plantains and corn tortillas. Awesome. I also hung up mosquito net. I feel like a princess, but it is the color of vomit green . How pretty.

Sunday through Wednesday of next week I get to go to the hottest place in Honduras, Nacaome, for a volunteer sleepover visit (90 to 100 degrees). I think I´ll be going to the beach! 

I go If anyone wants to call, please do. Although, I advise everyone to look into your international rates before you call. It may be a bit expensive. So yes, now I am connected. My number is 011+504+9576+2406. I hope no weirdos look at my blog because I don’t want to get strange phone calls. Much love!


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Rice and beans. Some Sweet Pics

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