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Delerious but excited!

So I got to staging. . . eventually. After my flight was cancelled in Pittsburgh (while experiencing a mental meltdown), I got re-routed to Philly, then to DC. After getting ripped off by my cab driver in DC because I was late and in a rush, I arrived a-ok! A million icebreakers later, I have already met some really cool people! Some of us went out and managed to spend $150 on our last supper, delicious sushi! I am pumped about my 2:30 AM check out time. . . . Be in touch soon!


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Map o' Honduras

Map o' Honduras

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1 day left in the ‘burgh!

Well hello web friends! I hope this blog doesn’t look like a third grader did it, and I apologize for the fruity picture of me at the top. That will change asap. So I have decided it would be wise to create a blog while in Honduras. I am aware that many people do not read mass emails (like me) and I haven’t really figured out Facebook yet. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep yinz updated n’at while I am down there. I won’t have email/communication for the first month, fyi. My mailing address for the first 3 months is: 

Kathryn Peters, PCT

Voluntario del Cuerpo de Paz

Apartado Postal 3158

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

America Central

I’ll be in touch soon! Much love.

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